Star Wars expanded universe

The Star Wars series really started to focus on continuity in 1991 as everything became a sort of "expanded universe". In 2014 however the Star Wars universe was rebooted with only a few elements left. This is the original universe from 1976-2014. This order is a work in progress. Please contribute!

The official canon hierarchy is:

G-Canon (George canon): the six main films

T-Canon (television canon): Star Wars: The Clone Wars film and television series

C-Canon (continuity canon): most novels, comics, video games, etc.

S-Canon (secondary canon): materials that didn't quite fit into the universe very well or weren't fully integrated.

Years are in either BBY or ABY. This is Before Battle of Yavin and After Battle of Yavin, in other words before and after A New Hope.

Rise of the Empire Era (1000 BBY-0 BBY)Edit

32 BBYEdit

22 BBYEdit

21 BBYEdit

19 BBYEdit

Rebellion Era (0 BBY-5 ABY)Edit

0 BBYEdit

1 ABYEdit

3 ABYEdit

4 ABYEdit

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